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Raul Melo

Career Summary

Software Developer focused on client-side and user interfaces with over 4 years of experience. Skilled and versatile in creating websites or web applications using regular (HTML/CSS/JS) or advanced technologies as React. Always driven to performance, code quality, tests and good practices.

Responsible for the whole building process from configuring the general structure up to the deployment process. Focused on writing progressive web apps that are backward compatible, modern, maintainable with readable code and good performance. Also experienced in using NodeJS as platform to create CLI and scripts.

Technical Skills


  • Express,
  • React

CSS Processors:

  • SASS,
  • PostCSS,
  • CSS-in-JS

Testing Frameworks:

  • Jest,
  • Cypress,
  • Testing Library,
  • Enzyme


  • JavaScript,
  • TypeScript,
  • GraphQL,
  • CSS,
  • HTML,
  • Yaml,
  • RegEx


  • Object Oriented Programin (OOP),
  • Functional Programming,
  • RESTful,
  • MVC,
  • Atomic Design


  • Unix Terminal,
  • Git,
  • Figma


  • NodeJS

Task Runners and Bundlers:

  • Rollup,
  • Webpack,
  • Gulp,
  • NPM Scripts

CI/CD Platforms:

  • Travis,
  • Gitlab CI,
  • Github Actions

Career History

Front-end Engineer


- Present

Blendle is a Dutch company founded in 2013 by Marten Blankesteijn Alexander Klöpping which provides a rich experience for reading news articles and magazines or listening articles in podcast format without ads and with one subscription.

There, I am currently responsible for:

  • Improving and maintain all existing micro-frontend apps;
  • Implementing solutions to better scale up the client-side of Blendle;
  • Architecting technical solutions to support Growth team with strategies to improve our conversion rate and provide a better experience to our web users;
  • Creating beautiful and pixel-perfect landing pages.

Front-end Developer



YoungCapital is a Dutch company founded in 2000 by Hugo de Koning, Bram Bosveld, and Rogier Thewessen. Its main goal is to offer the best recruiting service with a focus on an online job search.

There, I was responsible for:

  • Implementing new projects using React Ecosystems (router, redux, etc);
  • Core maintainer of an internal React component library using internal style guide to speed up application development;
  • Maintaining existing projects;
  • Supporting junior developers with features and bugs via technical discussions and pair programming;
  • Helping managers to take project decisions due to technical company limitations.

One of my biggest proud there was helping create a JavaScript 101 training for Ruby developers, Product Owners, and managers. There, once a week I and 4 colleagues taught JS Fundamentals with presentations and mentored exercises.

Fullstack JavaScript Developer



As a Freelancer, I worked as a third party Full Stack developer but the great majority of my work was Front end related.

My tasks usually encompass:

  • Implementing Rest (Representational State Transfer) API using Node + Express (sometimes GraphQL);
  • Creating SPA's (Single Page Applications) using React (and when necessary Redux);
  • Developing websites using vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS;
  • Architecting the whole development and deployment process;
  • Fixing production bugs with forms, layout, and application behavior;
  • Converting PSD/Sketch/Zeplin layouts into web pages.

In all cases, I always provided a high-quality source code, well organized, tested, documented, and versioned controlled by git to help out my clients and other developers to understand and maintain.

Side Projects

SubTV - Series and movies subtitles via Terminal


The idea behind this project came to automate my manual process of downloading movies and series subtitles.

In the first version (in 2017) of it, I did some reverse engineering on the website I used to download my subtitles and checking their API for getting subtitles but also I needed to scrap information about what episodes and series they had available. Although it was working perfectly, the website I used has a very limited amount of subtitles available.

In the second version of the CLI, I took a step further and refactor the whole CLI to use API, which has a so much bigger database but also subtitles for movies and documentaries. Also, since they have a very limited and restricted API, I also needed to create a server to be a proxy for all requests made by the CLI uses.

You can check the source code and the ideas in

Taco Rest API


The main goal of this project was to create a RESTful API to be consumed for some client-side or services and to make easier to access all the information about the Brazilian Food Composition Table (TACO) made by UNICAMP (University of Campinas).

The API was built using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB and deployed on Heroku. Documentation is available at

Education and Languages

  • - -

    Computer Software Engineering - FreeCodeCamp

  • - -

    Systems Information - University of Ribeirão Preto (UNAERP)

  • Portuguese - Native
  • English - Fluent


  • Open source
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Life quality
  • Sports
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Games